North of Yellowhead Road Upgrades

Following the Functional Design Study, approved by Council in 2009, the County is proceeding with detailed design and cost estimation of servicing improvements for the North of Yellowhead area (bounded by Highway 16 on the South, Range Road 232 in the West, Township Road 534 in the North, and Highway 21 in the East). 

These servicing upgrades are necessary in order to accommodate the growth of the Sherwood Park urban service area in the future and allow for residential, commercial, and industrial development. The planned future upgrades require providing major arterial roadways and underground services (water, wastewater, and stormwater facilities) following the alignments approved by Council in 2009.  

Project Map (567.8 KB)

Strathcona County Yellowhead North Arterial Road Functional Design Study - Final Report - December 2009

Project timeline

This project is currently in the Design phase.



Strathcona County is currently engaging in land acquisition negotiations such that the required right of way will be available for this project. Additionally, Stantec Consulting Ltd. is working with the franchise utilities to plan for the relocation and/or upgrading of existing utilities throughout the project limits. External and internal reviews and approvals are currently being undertaken on the designed roadway. Tendering will occur once land acquisition, project funding, utility relocation design, and all external/internal approvals have been completed

Project contacts:

Transportation Planning and Engineering

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