Parking bans during snow removal

Manage icy conditions with rock chips

Crews are in the process of restocking the green community chip bins. If one has run low please report it through County Connect.

Central locations remain fully stocked. Rock chips at these locations are in a large pile – sometimes it looks like a mound of sand or is partially covered in snow. Signs have been added to help identify them.

Central locations include:

  • 53129 Range Road 222 
  • Ardrossan Recreation Complex 
  • Broadmoor Golf Course 
  • Broadview Enviroservice Station 
  • Centennial Park 
  • Elk Island Administration Office (west side off Range Road 231) 
  • Glen Allan Recreation Centre 
  • Log Cabin on Fir Street 
  • Salisbury Composite High School (north side off Festival Way) 
  • Strathcona Athletic Park 

Exact locations can be viewed on the chip bin map

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Avoid a tow! There are two types of parking bans in Sherwood Park neighbourhoods: snow route parking bans and residential street parking restrictions.

Knowing the difference—and which signs to watch for—could save you from a costly ticket and tow.

Snow route parking bans

Snow route parking bans affect collector roads marked with permanent signs that state “snow route when declared”. Learn more about when a snow route parking ban is declared, how to hear about it and where you can park when snow removal is underway.

Image showing a snow route clearing sign on a light post

Residential street parking restrictions

These restrictions affect all other residential streets and cul-de-sacs. Temporary orange signs are placed in each neighbourhood with dates for snow clearing in the area. Learn more about when these streets are cleared and where to park.

Image showing an orange residential snow clearing sign

Not sure where to park?

Our winter priorities map is a web-based, interactive map allowing users to see their road classification/priority. 

Snow routes
If you live on a Green line (Priority 3 - Snow Route), you can park on roads marked with Yellow lines (Priority 4 - Residential Clearing) during a snow route parking ban.

If you live on a Yellow line (Priority 4 - Residential Clearing), you can park on roads marked with Green line (Priority 3 - Snow Route) during residential snow clearing.

Launch full version of the interactive map

Stay in the know!

You can find out about both types of parking restrictions through:

Further information:

Transportation and Agriculture Services
Phone: 780-417-7100
Submit a County Connect related to Winter Maintenance

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