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Installation artwork: "Prairie Sound Garden" (detail) by the Artists' Collective: Tricycle. created in 2010 & 2021.

Prairie Walk finds new home in Broadmoor Lake Park!  Artwork beautifully integrates into its new natural home as the snow begins to fall.

Originally commissioned and installed in 2010 for Centre in the Park by ISL Engineering, this artwork was decommissioned in 2015 to make room for new building construction. After six years, County residents will have the opportunity to enjoy the new Prairie Sound Garden. Daylight-activated recordings of natural wetland and grassland sounds are paired with 15 dramatically shaped granite boulders. Through meticulous placement and orientation of each stone, the park’s existing trees and undulating hills are integrated into the work. Together, they merge into a single poetic unity becoming a metaphor for our connection with the earth.

Well-known and celebrated Canadian artists, Catherine Burgess, Walter Jule, and Royden Mills (forming a collective known as Tricycle) have each enjoyed prolific careers as visual artists and as educators in the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Alberta.

The County's own, Downy Karvonen, is a location sound recordist and an audio post-production engineer. In addition to his work with Karvonen Films documentary productions, Downy's soundtracks have been transported to over 48 countries by broadcasters such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel Europe, CBC's Nature of Things, and IMAX Canada.

Prairie Sound Garden by Artists' Collective: Tricycle - Catherine Burgess, RCA; Walter Jule, RCA; Royden Mills, RCA.
Prairie Sound Garden
2010 & 2021
Artists' Collective: Tricycle - Catherine Burgess, RCA; Walter Jule, RCA; Royden Mills, RCA.
Prairie Soundscapes (Sound Designer): Downy Karvonen.
Sound System Design: Jerry Krepakevich.
Multi-media: Granite boulders, stainless steel, sound equipment and existing landscape.
More about the Tricycle artists here:

Strathcona County Public Art Plan

Strathcona County Council approved its Public Art Plan in June 2014.
Strathcona County's 2014-2019 Public Art Plan (5.0 MB)

The impact of public art on a community is priceless and once experienced, the value only appreciates. Public art has the power to energize public spaces, encourage creative thought and transform the places we live, work, and play into more welcoming and beautiful environments that invite interaction.

Public art can make strangers talk, children ask questions and calm a hurried life. Public art can enhance the quality of life by encouraging a heightened sense of place and by introducing works of art that can touch viewers today and generations to come.

Art of our County Connection-Connotation by Tammy Henkel, 2015

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