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Festival Place

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Festival Place - Garage Band LIVE program

Garage Band LIVE program

Festival Place

Ph. 780-464-2852

100 Festival Way, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 5T2

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Festival Place performances

Administration office (box office) hours

Monday to Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturdays 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Sundays and Holidays Closed

Note: The Administration office (Festival Place Box Office) is open one hour prior to show time any day of the week.

  • Starting January 11, the Festival Place Box office will be moved to the Lobby while we renovate the original box office. You’ll be able to access the box office using the main entrance doors, and we’ll have signs posted to point you in the right direction. This temporary box office will operate until February, when we’ll move back to the original location. The new box office has several features that we think you’ll love: a new accessible service counter, an info screen, better signage and lighting as well as much more room for people in line. It also has some features that we’ll love, including an improved desk layout, improved temperature control, as well as other functional and security improvements.

    The sketch shows what the new box office will look like. During construction our temporary box office will offer the same level of service you’ve come to expect from us. During some events, we may open the theatre doors sooner or expand the lobby to the north, to provide space and minimize any congestion. We appreciate your understanding as we make this much needed improvement.

    The exterior renovation project continues progressing, although we, like many others, have also experienced material shortages and shipping delays. Our new main building signs are up on the tower and the new tower stucco finish is complete, and we’re working around the building completing main level stucco as well as replacement of the original windows and doors. This project received the majority of its funding from the Province of Alberta’s Municipal Stimulus program and is helping us renew the building as well as increase insulation to reduce energy consumption in the future.

Sketch of New Box Office at Festival Place
Sketch of new Box Office at Festival Place

Presenters Series

Festival Place is the place for performing arts. You'll find an exciting line-up of performances year-round. Check for the latest performances or buy tickets by visiting festivalplace.ca

Exterior upgrades to Festival Place

Festival Place opened in April 1994 and since then has welcomed thousands of people through its doors. Although the original stucco has served its purpose well, water leakage and damage spurred a project to replace and upgrade the exterior finish across the entire building.

Project timelines

Substantial completion (major elements) – March 2022 - Final completion - June 2022


  • Removal of all existing stucco and insulation
  • Repairing the building envelope (the layers that protect the building from weather, air and water)
  • Repair of downspouts and rain gutters
  • Adding new insulation to the exterior, doubling the original insulation value
  • Replacing all exterior windows with triple-glazed units
  • Replacing all exterior doors and door hardware
  • New stucco exterior finish on the majority of the building
  • New matte black panel finish in selected areas on the exterior
  • New feature colour changing lighting in various locations on the building
  • Minor interior work

Festival Place will remain operational during construction. Please expect to see temporary fencing, overhead protection, closure of some multi-use paths (with alternate paths available) and signage on or near Festival Place. During the window and door replacement work (December through February), look for signs directing you toward building entrances. As windows are a long lead time item, some window frames will be filled in with temporary paneling until the new glass arrives.

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