Pointe-aux-Pins Acres

Strathcona County’s multi-purpose agricultural facility will be a destination where residents from across the County can enjoy agricultural, community and social events.


Strathcona County continues its important work to develop Pointe-aux-Pins Acres, which represents a vital link to the importance of agriculture in the community. Read the full news release for current status.

Next steps:

  • Administration continues its operational, services and event strategy planning to bring the Pointe's vision to life.
  • An unstable construction market has required a temporary pause in construction of Pointe-aux-Pins Acres, until the market can be re-assessed in the spring, 2022.
  • Administration will report back to Council, by the end of Q2, 2022, with recommendations on how to responsibly proceed with this important community initiative.

About Pointe-aux-Pins Acres

Introducing Pointe-aux-Pins Acres. On January 19, 2021, Council accepted the name for the site of the multi-purpose agricultural facility. The name Pointe-aux-Pins Acres, or The Pointe, anchors the new amenity in community heritage and highlights a destination where residents from across Strathcona County can enjoy agricultural, community and social events.

  • With its strategic ties to the County’s Agriculture Master Plan, the Pointe will shine as a destination where people from across the county, and beyond, can enjoy agricultural education and history, community and social events. The Pointe amplifies strong connections to the County’s Recreation and Culture Strategy’s focus on meeting community needs, environmental stewardship, inclusion and building overall capacity.

  • On September 29, 2020, Strathcona County Council approved the funding for a regional multi-purpose agricultural facility. The total funding approved by Council for design and construction is $71.2 million which includes rural site preparation and servicing as well as building and amenities. 

  • On September 15, 2020, an economic impact report was presented to Council. The report projects the facility will contribute over $33 million to the local economy and generate 290 jobs over the first five years of operation.

Highlights of final design renderings

View the site layout (1.4 MB) and fly-through video for detailed renderings of Pointe-aux-Pins Acres. 

View final design renderings and further details in the September 29 presentation.


Year-round community agricultural activities

  • From children to seniors, Strathcona County’s residents are involved in every activity and sport imaginable, including 4H and other agricultural activities. Residents and visitors will meet at Pointe-aux-Pins Acres (The Pointe) for community agricultural activities and events including 4H, livestock, equine, canine activities and shows. It will also be a place for those activities where residents currently must leave the community regularly.
  • Residents will also gather at The Pointe for non-traditional agricultural activities and events such as vintage tractor pulls, community gardens and farmers markets.
  • It will be designed for year-round, all-weather use. Amenities will include an indoor arena and a covered outdoor arena.

Outdoor spaces all residents can enjoy

  • Walk the trails, see events, interact with agriculture and the community.
  • There will be trails and day-use spaces with the potential for farmer’s markets, barbecues and other activities.
  • There is potential for activities, trade shows and special events outside of agriculture.

About the name - Pointe-aux-Pins Acres (The Pointe)

  • The name Pointe-aux-Pins Acres anchors the new amenity in community heritage. The Pointe is a destination where residents from across Strathcona County can enjoy agricultural, community and social events.
  • The County considers the history of our community and points of interest in the local area or region when considering new facility names.  
  • Pointe-aux-Pins Creek is a significant water feature on Strathcona County’s landscape. One of only a few place names in the County known to have a French origin, the name translates literally as “pointed at the pines.” The creek flows into the North Saskatchewan River from the southeast—from the higher elevations in the Beaver Hills. In the late 1800s, Pointe-aux-Pins Creek was the last of four creek crossings for travellers making the 21-mile journey by land from Strathcona, at the north end of the Canadian and Edmonton railway line known as the “end of steel”, to Fort Saskatchewan.  

A place to show the past, present and future of agriculture

  • Pointe-aux-Pins Acres will be a community space where agriculture heritage and rural roots are preserved.
  • It will complement Bremner Heritage Site, including Bremner House, a 5,400 square-foot home built by Charles Bremner in 1912 or 1913. Strathcona County Council purchased Bremner House in 2004 to preserve a piece of the community's heritage for future generations.
  • Opportunities to see, learn, and get involved could include agri-educational opportunities including a historic working garden, heritage displays and self-guided historic site interpretation.

Easily accessible

  • Close to Sherwood Park, Edmonton and Fort Saskatchewan, Pointe-aux-Pins Acres is located on a 230-acre parcel of land surrounding the Bremner Heritage Site on Range Road 225 north of Township Road 534, approximately 15 minutes northeast of Sherwood Park.
  • It will be easy to access from all directions - just off Highway 16, and close to major transportation routes including the Anthony Henday and Highway 21.

Project history

From the beginning, the vision for a multi-purpose agricultural facility was driven by the expressed need for agricultural recreation space in the community. Every step of the way, the project was built on sound decisions, research, planning and engagement.

The design process on large infrastructure projects includes refinements at every stage, from concept development and throughout schematic design.

Throughout this process, Strathcona County has confirmed direction with Council and the community to ensure the facility supports community needs.

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