Proposed new rural event venue use

Public open house

On February 27, 2020, the County held a public open house to obtain input/feedback on the type and scale of event venues that may be appropriate in rural Strathcona County.

Information boards on the purpose of the project, conceptual definitions associated with a potential rural event venue use and potential land use considerations and costs of improvements needed to support this use in the rural area were displayed at the Open House.

At the Open House, County staff heard from proponents that there are varying scales and intensities of rural event venue development being contemplated. This poses a challenge for the drafting of regulations for a rural event venue use that could be applied uniformly to the vastly differing visions of proponents of rural event venue development.


Rural event venue map (147.4 KB)
Open house information board one (611.3 KB)
Open house information board two (474.5 KB)
Open house information board three (476.6 KB)
Open house information board four (461.6 KB)

Open house presentation (245.9 KB)

Open house comment sheet (136.3 KB)

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